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Conducting Research at the Atlanta VA
Like all institutions, the Atlanta VA Medical Center has policies and procedures regulating the conduct of research at its facility. AREF helps researchers navigate these sometimes confusing rules governing studies at federal institutions.

The Science Information Office (SIO) and the Human Studies Analyst act as resources for investigators, study coordinators, and laboratory personnel during the design and implementation of your projects. We encourage you to utilize these members of our team should you have any questions or need guidance.
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Research Submissions

Submission Guidelines | VA Animal Studies

If a research proposal involves the use of animals, either the Animal Component of Research Protocol (ACORP) or an Emory University Animal Application must be completed and submitted for review. The PI submits all animal protocols to the Science Information Office and/or the Emory University IACUC for review. Emory University and the VA Medical Center have a cooperative agreement in place to aid investigators in submitting projects when both institutions are involved. Below is a table that may be used to determine the appropriate forms and committee to utilize for your animal studies.

In order to provide more efficient and timely reviews of animal protocols, hopefully leading to more first round approvals, the IACUC requires that each protocol have a completed vet consult before IACUC review. Protocols submitted without a completed vet consult will not be reviewed by the committee.

The VA IACUC meets the second Wednesday of every month. A veterinary consultation must be performed on every project 14 days prior to review by the committee. For the veterinary consult, e-mail your animal forms directly to Dr. Michael Huerkamp at for review. Include the subject line, "Attention: VA Veterinary Consult." Additional information on vet consults may be found on the Emory Division of Animal Resources (DAR) website. After the issues raised in the vet consult have been addressed in the body of the protocol, the revised protocol should be submitted to the Science Information Office 7 days before the IACUC meeting for review.

The copy of the animal protocols to be reviewed by the IACUC must be received by the Science Information Office the Thursday prior to the meeting, before 12:00 PM.

Housing Location

Funding Processed By

Committee to Use

Forms to Use
Emory University Emory Office of Sponsored Programs Emory IACUC Emory Application
Emory University Atlanta Research & Education Foundation Emory IACUC & VA IACUC (1) Either Emory Application or VA ACORP Form
Emory University Atlanta VA Medical Center Emory IACUC & VA IACUC (2) VA ACORP Form
Atlanta VA Medical Center Emory Office of Sponsored Programs VA IACUC Emory Application
Atlanta VA Medical Center Atlanta Research & Education Foundation VA IACUC VA ACORP Form
Atlanta VA Medical Center Atlanta VA Medical Center VA IACUC VA ACORP Form

(1) Primary review is performed by the Emory IACUC. After receiving approval from the Emory IACUC, submit your Emory forms and Emory IACUC approval letter to the VA Science Information Office. A streamlined review process will be used to by the VA IACUC to review the proposal.

(2) According to VA just-in-time procedures, the investigator must receive VA IACUC approval using VA animal forms (the ACORP) prior to receiving funds for a successful application. In addition, Emory IACUC approval must be obtained prior to initiating work on the Emory campus. After receiving VA IACUC approval, contact the Emory IACUC office for directions on receiving Emory IACUC approval.

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