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Clinical Studies Center Services
The Clinical Studies Center (CSC) offers a variety of services that help investigators ensure compliance with human studies regulations and good clinical research practices.

These services include training and education for research staff, assistance with Emory IRB and R&D Committee protocol submissions, informed consent review and reformatting, and initiation of a Research Clinics.
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Clinical Studies Center

Policies for Conducting Human Studies Research at the VA


The PI, as the individual responsible for the implementation of research, is directly responsible for all aspects of a research project, ensuring the protection of every human subject in the research project. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, adherence to the approved Scope of Practice, adherence to VA and FDA guidelines, and adherence to ICH/GCP principles. The investigator is responsible for protocol review and approval by Emory IRB and the Atlanta VA R&D Committee and subsequent adherence to the design along with reporting any Adverse Events and Unanticipated Problems to the IRB. Investigators must maintain appropriate oversight of project(s) and staff in order to conduct research effectively and to ensure that the rights and welfare of human participants are protected. At all times, research must be conducted in compliance with all applicable Federal regulatory requirements and the determinations of the IRB and R&D Committees.

The current human research protection policies can now be found at:

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