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Investigator: Emily Cartwright
Phone: (404) 321-6111 ext. 203779
Primary Research Interest: Internal Medicine
Description of Research: We study the epidemiology of hepatitis C infection in veteran populations. We have examined the prevalence of chronic hepatitis C by birth cohort, the presence of medical and psychiatric co-morbidities and long term outcomes of infection. Additionally, I have evaluated risk factors associated with hepatitis C seroconversion and the role of healthcare exposure in acquisition. Lastly, we are interested in evaluating the factors associated with successful hepatitis C treatment with direct acting antiviral therapy.
Relevance to VA: Chronic hepatitis C infection disproportionately affects veterans when compared with non-veteran US residents within similar birth cohorts. The burden of hepatitis C infection is especially high in veterans of the Vietnam war and is often present with co-morbid alcohol abuse. The duration of hepatitis C infection and co-morbidities have resulted in an epidemic of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in the veteran population. By studying ways to effectively cure hepatitis C infection, we can reduce the incidence of cirrhosis and HCC in our veterans.

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