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The Atlanta Research & Education Foundation is designed to facilitate collaborations between the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Atlanta and other institutions. We welcome your interest in our facility, personnel, and research capabilities.

Working with the larger research community, AREF is one of the leading foundations in the country devoted to improving research, education, and ultimately healthcare for our nation's Veteran population.

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Investigator: Nichole McIntosh
Phone: (404) 321-6111 ext. 207114
Primary Research Interest: Anesthesiology
Description of Research: Evaluation of the role of mental health disorders such as PTSD and their treatment in the development of postoperative delirium.
Relevance to VA: Post operative delirium can lead to adverse outcomes such as longer lengths of stay and increased morbidity and mortality. To date, only limited studies have evaluated the role of mental health disorders such as PTSD in the development of postoperative delirium. Understanding the role these disorders may play and optimizing treatment of these conditions may lead to a decrease in the occurrence of postoperative delirium.

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