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The Atlanta Research & Education Foundation is designed to facilitate collaborations between the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Atlanta and other institutions. We welcome your interest in our facility, personnel, and research capabilities.

Working with the larger research community, AREF is one of the leading foundations in the country devoted to improving research, education, and ultimately healthcare for our nation's Veteran population.

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Investigator: Theodore Johnson
Phone: (404) 728-7775
Primary Research Interest: Internal Medicine
Description of Research: I study voiding dysfunction in older adults, and nocturia (waking at night to void) in particular. This symptom is strongly associated with poorer quality of life, impaired sleep, a higher risk of accidental falls, and increased mortality. I employ different investigative techniques including epidemiological and secondary data analysis, study of mechanisms, and randomized trials.
Relevance to VA: The VA system serves disproportionately more men, and more men who are older, than any other health system. A 50-year old man with urinary symptoms has an estimated 40% lifetime risk for requiring therapy for benign prostatic enlargement. Because nocturia is common in older men, the VA disproportionately is affected by problems addressed by this research. In 2012, 48% of the veteran population was = 65 years of age compared to 12% for the overall U.S. population. LUTS are equally common in white and African-American men, while nocturia is more common in AA men.

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