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Please answer the questions below to help us determine the information we need to complete your account registration. You will then be asked to download a checklist and a zip file of forms specific to your employment.

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Terms of Service & Disclaimer
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Primary Salary
1. Who is (or will be) paying your salary to do research? * Help?
1.A. What school are you currently attending?
2. What is the primary location where you will be conducting procedures pertaining to research? Help?
Appointment Questions
3. Are you house staff (resident, medical fellow)? *
4. Will you be involved in projects that involve contact with human subjects or human data? *
5. (If you answered yes to Question 4) Will you have access to Protected Health Information(PHI) or Individually Identifiable Information (III) (eg. SSN, DOB, visit dates) as a result of your participation in research? *
6. Will you be working in a basic science research laboratory? *
7. Will you be working with animals? *
8. What is the length of your appointment? *
9. Do you currently have a license to practice medicine or the ability to obtain a license, or are you a foreign medical graduate that has completed a medical residency in the United States? * Help?
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